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Education & Leadership Services

Chuck Kriese, one of the most renowned names in tennis world wide, is proud to offer consulting services. With over four decades of experience, Kriese will construct sessions that fit directly in line with your specific needs and goals. The process is simple. If you are interested in scheduling a session with the legendary Chuck Kriese, simply complete the contact form below with a detailed description containing: goals, needs, days requested, and any questions you may have. Within 2 days, Kriese will contact you to schedule a consultation. During the consultation, you will discuss your specific needs with Kriese, as well as price, days needed, and more.

(Sessions start at $275 an hour with a 3 hour minimum. Skype and teleconference sessions are also available. Full day sessions are available as well, and begin at $1,750.)

Momentum Management Seminars

Chuck Kriese is the leading expert in the field of momentum management and is conducting momentum management seminars for building your business, guiding your tennis career, or learning great strategies of competition on the court. To book a seminar, or if you have any questions, please complete the form below and Coach Kriese will contact you to discuss details.


Speaking Engagements

Whether speaking on tennis, health, or personal motivation, Chuck Kriese has given highly informative and entertaining speeches to banquets, conferences, schools, and corporations across the nation and on four continents.



On Motivation and Success

-- "Turning Your Break-Downs Into Break-Throughs"

-- "The Last 20% - Overcoming the 80th Percentile Paralysis"

-- "Motivating Talent-Oriented vs. Task-Oriented People"

-- "Capitalizing on the Ingredients for Success: Ability, Desire, Opportunity"

  ...and More

On Youth

-- "The School of Hard Knocks -- The Only Road to Building a Strong Self-Image"

-- "Short Cuts Bring Dead End Results -- Reversing Society's Microwave Effect on Youth"

-- "Strong Self Image + Accomplishments Earned = Self-Confidence"

...and More

National and International Seminars

-- ITF Tennis Symposium 
-- USTA National Teachers Conference (8 Occasions)
-- USPTR Tennis Symposium (6 Occasions)
-- Dutch Tennis Federation (3 Occasions)
-- 1992 Spanish Tennis Smposium
-- 1992 British Tennis Federation of Coaches
-- 1992 Japan Tennis Federation
-- 1999 Panama Tennis Federation
-- 1999 Irish Junior Development Group
-- 2007 Thai Tennis Federation
-- 2008 Asian Professional Tennis Registry
-- 2009 South East Asian Tennis Federation
-- 2009 Maylasia Tennis Coaches Conference
-- 2009 All-India Coaches Conference
-- 2009 New Zealand Tennis Coaches Conference
-- 2009 Australian Open


Professional Speaking

-- Michelin
-- The Sandvik Corporation Team-Building Conference (Atlanta)
-- First Citizens Bank
-- The Greenville News
-- The Greater Greenville Association of Realtors
-- The Rowley Group (Lighthouse Point, FL)


"I learned a lot about motivation and intensity from Coach Kriese, and these skills helped me when I had to responded to tough situations in my professional matches."

- Jay Berger, Former #7 Ranked ATP Singles Player, U.S. Davis Cup Team


If you would like to have Chuck Kriese speak at your event, please complete the contact form below and Kriese will contact you to make arrangements. We look forward to hearing from you!

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